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There Is No Excuse For Domestic Abuse

I remember what it felt to be to be scared, to live in fear for your life everyday, to want to die at every moment. Despair and depression was an everyday occurrence. Beaten and forced into submission, not allowed to express myself or have an opinion, no place for friends or allowed to go anywhere, not allowed to get a higher education, most of all a captive in my own home. Asking people for assistance didn’t help either. My school teachers knew about the abuse and did nothing, my extended family knew about the abuse and did nothing. This is the epidemic of domestic violence. This is the epidemic of violence against women and children.

The awareness to stop violence against women and children is growing. However, progress is slow and we need everyone’s support if we are to eradicate this disease. The general public needs to stand together, both men and women, to ensure that our governments are doing what they are supposed to do, protect us. These acts of violence should have no place in our society today. From the #MeToo movement to ending child marriages to lobbying the end of abuse suffered by women and children, women have become the forefront of the today’s news. Their is no reason why you should not participate in this movement and demand equal treatment for all.

Trauma can have adverse and long lasting effects. Most importantly, trauma can trap you in a life you were never meant to live. Women are especially vulnerable and emotional. Do not fall for a man who gives you breadcumb attention, do not fall for the idea of sexually explicit images on the internet as a standrd of beauty, do not fall for the lie that in order to be loved you have to be sexy, show your body or act in a sexual manner, do not fall for the lie that love is sex. DO NOT FALL THE TRICKS.....

Seek to heal yourself and your wounds. If you have been through any kind of trauma, please seek professional help. Do not suffer alone and do not think that you are alone.

“To all the little girls who are watching, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams.” —Hillary Clinton in her 2016 concession speech

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