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The Power of Yoga

I recently decided to try out a free Yoga class for the first time. There are tremendous mental health benefits of doing yoga. The yoga actually made me feel great to my core. I felt centered, calm and more so, I felt present in the moment. The stress that I have been holding to for the past couple of months, just seemed to disappear in that space. I felt a great sense of peace as I focused my attention to giving my body what it needed to perform better on a daily basis. My back is extremely grateful as some of the floor positions really helped to stretch out the pain I usually carry due to sitting on my laptop for long hours.

The American Osteopathic Association have listed the below as benefits of doing Yoga:

· Increased flexibility

· Increased muscle strength and tone

· Improved respiration, energy and vitality

· Maintaining a balanced metabolism

· Weight reduction

· Cardio and circulatory health

· Improved athletic performance

· Protection from injury

Overall, the experience was so positive and I felt realigned with my goals and purpose in life. I absolutely recommend you to try it out. There are numerous free classes around the city.

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