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Disappointment. How do we deal with it?

“We apologize, but unfortunately, you have not been selected for the role in which you have applied”. What?!? How can that be? I have spent hours researching and practicing the right answers for the final interview, only to be dealt with a huge blow. A huge NO!!! I simply can’t believe that this is the final result. But I though the interview went so well.

We all know that feeling we get when we are receive disappointing news. Researchers describe that feeling as being low, feeling loss and sadness and also feeling a sense of emptiness between our dreams and reality. It can be an unpleasant experience, but it can highlight valuable information to us and even guide us in fulfilling our true purpose.

Here’s a few lessons I’ve learnt on my journey:

  1. Nothing is permanent. When we feel that we have been “robbed” of having what we want in our life, be it a job or even a relationship, it creates a deep sense of loss and emptiness inside us. However, we have to remember that nothing is permanent in life. The fact that it happened or didn’t happen, means that it was meant to be that way. Life is like a river, we have to ebb and flow as we go through life.

  2. We don’t always see what lies ahead. Not getting that job may seem like a complete a disaster right now. But ask yourself these simple questions; “Was that the perfect job for me”, “Was it what I always wanted in my life?”, “Would having that job truly make me happy and fulfill my life purpose?” The universe has a way of directing us in the right direction in which we can live our best life. It makes way for something better in the future. We need to trust in the bigger picture even if we can’t truly see what lies ahead.

  3. Every negative action can lead to a positive outcome. So you didn’t get your dream job. Now what?!? Do you spiral into whirlwind of actions that can destroy what you have build so far? What we actually need to do is to find the positive intent in the situation and to do things that boosts our morale and emotions. What we cannot change, we have to learn to accept with an open mind. Remain positive, as a positive attitude can bring more positive outcomes in life.

Overcoming disappointment can take a bit of practice. Try to find a relaxing place just to think about the situation. Your mind will search for reasons, plans and actions. Let go of each expectation as it arises. This exercise will help you feel refreshed and you will be ready to move on to the next big goal in your life.

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